Why I Eat Salad When we go out for Dinner

love2eatinpa, 15 November 2009, 1 comment
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My husband asked me the other day why I always eat salad as my entrée whenever we go out to dinner.  The answer was a no-brainer for me – I get to stuff my mouth repeatedly with food, which fulfills my desire to feed my face, yet I get the most bang for the buck – I eat tons of food which doesn’t equate to a lot of calories.   Volumetrics I think it’s called.  Seriously!

I usually just get a whole plate of lettuce with either grilled chicken or shrimp on top, with a light dressing on the side for dipping.  I get to eat what appears to be an awful lot of food, I can totally eat every morsel of the food, I will feel full and wallah, I have calories to spare for some dessert!  What could be better than that?!!?!?

On top  of all that, I have been, and still am, a very picky eater (something sadly that my 10-yr old daughter has gotten through the gene pool from me).  Anyway, I really only like a handful of vegetables (and that is pushing it) and a handful of fruit.  So to me, eating a dark leaf /spinach salad is filling the void of the lack of other vegetables which I tend to skip otherwise.  Once again, in my mind, a win-win situation.

So that is the reason, honey, why I always order salad as my entrée when we go out to dinner.  It’s working for me, so why fix it if it ain’t broken?

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