Why Can't I Just Slow Down?

love2eatinpa, 05 November 2009, 2 comments
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As a compulsive overeater, even while abstinent, I have a terrible habit of always eating like it’s the last food I’m ever going to be able to eat, and if I can eat it fastest I will win some spectacular prize. 

I know I’m supposed to slow down and savor whatever it is I’m eating, (and I do enjoy all the abstinent foods I eat all day) but I find it very difficult to slow down and enjoy it.  I mean, my geez, sometimes I don’t even swallow my food  before putting the next bite into my mouth.  It’s like I can’t shovel it in there fast enough. 

I know the tricks like taking a drink, putting my eating utensil down or wiping my mouth with a napkin between bites, but these things do not come to me naturally.  I have to consciously think of doing it and while I may be able to be conscious of it for a bite or two, it quickly flies out of my consciousness and I’m back to scarfing mode.   Why is that what comes naturally to most people, is so difficult for me?   

Most everything in my world is rush-rush-rush, go-go-go, so it makes sense, I guess, that I subconsciously apply that mentality to my eating as well.  I’m always in a rush to finish up so I can move on to the next thing.  I gotta slow down, but how?

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  1. Victoria
    01 February 2010, 9:05 am

    I have the same problem of rushing through my food. My boyfriend will take forever to eat but that is because he talks more than he eats. He tells me I should do the same thing but if he is talking I am eating and he rarely stops! Plus, I hate it when my food gets cold. It ruins my whole meal and I feel cheated and feel like I have to eat something else to “Make up” for being cheated out of a “Hot” meal. Good grief, I am pathetic!


    love2eatinpa Reply:

    i totally hear you, victoria. i have been working hard at trying to slow down. i wish i could do it automatically like “normal” eaters do, but for me it is an all-out conscious effort.


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