Chocolatey Snack Share

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 03 March 2010 | 29 Comments
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One of the ways I have been successful at remaining binge-free for a little over two years is that I find/eat foods that give me the most bang for my buck, so to speak. Here is my criteria: 1. It needs to feel a little like a treat, something that I look forward to eating. […]

How I Remain Binge-Free

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 26 January 2010 | 13 Comments
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It’s been over two years now that I’ve been abstinent / binge-free. Though I’m in recovery from 30+ years of compulsive eating and binging, I do still have my struggles. However, there are some things that I have learned along the way that got me to where I am today. So here goes… 1. I […]

Why I Eat Salad When we go out for Dinner

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 15 November 2009 | 1 Comment
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My husband asked me the other day why I always eat salad as my entrée whenever we go out to dinner.  The answer was a no-brainer for me – I get to stuff my mouth repeatedly with food, which fulfills my desire to feed my face, yet I get the most bang for the buck – I […]

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