I’m Getting Grounded, in a Good Way, Part 2

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 11 March 2010 | 30 Comments
Categories: Day to Day Stuff

So to continue with where I left off yesterday explaining how my therapist helped to give me the grounding that I needed… Again, in no particular order… He said to focus on one event at a time and to not make the assumption that whatever happened last time, will happen again. I need to reign […]

My Therapist’s View on Calorie Counting

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 06 February 2010 | 20 Comments
Categories: Day to Day Stuff

So I went to see my therapist a couple of days ago and as always, the appointment was great. I see him once a month, a far cry from when I had to do a brain dump on him every week. Now it’s just for me to touch base on certain issues or questions I […]

Why is Deliberately Adding Calories So Hard to Do?

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 29 January 2010 | 2 Comments
Categories: Day to Day Stuff

What the heck is wrong with me? Hello! I’ve been a compulsive eater for over 30 years for goodness sake, why am I having so much trouble with eating extra food treats to make up for all the calories I didn’t eat while I was sick for a week? I have a free pass, that […]

Words of Wisdom from my Therapist about Compulsive Eating

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 25 January 2010 | 12 Comments
Categories: Day to Day Stuff

Here is something I asked my therapist recently and his response really resonated with me. I hope it will for you too… I asked…nibbling my kids snacks or stealing a bite of this or that, is it ok to just chalk it up as “normal” behavior as opposed to my thinking that it’s me being […]

Is My Food Obsession Lessening It’s Grip?

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 18 January 2010 | No Comments
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Wow, I can’t believe that these words are about to come out of my mouth, so to speak, but I recently had kind of an “ah-ha” moment — I realized that food is a little bit less important to me right now. Not a whole lot less, maybe only 10% or so, but a little […]

Reflections on Two Years of Abstinence

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 29 December 2009 | 5 Comments
Categories: Day to Day Stuff, Uncategorized

It feels pretty surreal to write this, but in three days, Jan 1, I will be two years binge-free. Two whole years. In addition, I will have maintained my weight loss for just about 15 months. Wow. It’s interesting that while there have been so many struggles and so many victories during this time, and […]

Hypnotherapy for Compulsive Eating

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 22 December 2009 | 2 Comments
Categories: Day to Day Stuff

Back in the spring, a dear friend told me about hypnotherapy. She told me that she knew of a woman who helped people to stop smoking and get over other addictions. Willing to do just about anything to help me with this eating disorder, I called the woman. Though she was retired, she was willing […]

Binge-Free Achievement Bracelet

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 08 December 2009 | 6 Comments
Categories: Day to Day Stuff

A therapist, who I started to see a little over two years ago when I first realized I had an eating disorder (and not just a sweet tooth for the past 30+ years), asked me what I or OA was doing to help mark the accomplishment of each day or week that goes by that I […]

Be Kind to Myself

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 25 October 2009 | No Comments
Categories: Day to Day Stuff

My therapist, who I’ve been seeing for a couple of months in order to try to deal better with my compulsive overeating, reminds me that I need to be kind to myself.  One aspect of my life that I can apply this to is deciding which eating habits are acceptable and once I figure those out, I need to […]

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