Saying Good-Bye to My Friend, the Scale

I have made a very big decision for myself. I have decided to stop getting on the scale every morning, in an effort to take a small step to let go of the tight grip of control I try to keep on my eating and other things in my life.

I have been getting on the scale every morning for as long as I can remember, except when we are away on vacation and don’t have access to a scale.

Through my abstinence and subsequent weight loss, I have maintained my weight for a good 15 months now. The scale has been my friend for quite some time. It has finally gotten into my head that I can and will stay at this weight. I do not need to get on the scale every morning to reconfirm that.

I do not live and die by my scale, in fact, I could almost predict what the number would be based upon what time of the month it was, if I drank a ton of water the night before, etc. I get on the scale for two reasons – one is just to check in to see the number (as I’m a numbers girl), and second, it’s been an ingrained habit for many years.

My therapist, who supports this choice, asked me, once I put this plan into place, how often I was planning to get on the scale – once every three days, one a week, once a month? I told him that I hadn’t thought that far yet. I think as long as I’m counting my calories (a whole other control issue!) and my clothes fit the same, I will not feel the need to get on the scale until, well, I really don’t know when. I’m just going to go with the flow I guess.

So starting this morning, I’m off on a new journey. I did not get on the scale and you know what, I was perfectly fine. It’s a baby step, but a huge step just the same. As my therapist sees it, by not getting on the scale each day, I’m removing one of my controlling restraints and moving towards something greater. I like the idea of that very much.

Here is a thought-provoking post I read recently about weighing yourself from a great blog called “roni’s weigh” how much credit do you give the scale. I thought you may enjoy it as well.

What are your thoughts about the scale?

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  1. jackie callahan
    13 January 2010, 2:23 pm

    I, too, have made the decision to back off from the scale for a while, I was making myself crazy with it, micro-management, I think they call it. And the fact is, we KNOW if we’re gaining (or Losing) weight: the way our rings fit on our fingers, our clothes, how we feel. I stay away from it because I use those numbers to beat myself up,and I don’t need any more of that!
    I do think it’s important for me to stay accountable to myself for what I put in my mouth though, because I am very good at having a fuzzy memory, s inspired by fellow blogger Diana, I’ve started keeping a food journal. It is really helping to keep me honest. And that’s a good thing! Thanks for sharing. Jackie


    love2eatinpa Reply:

    sounds like you are making some good choices! it isn’t easy, but we are all in this together and can learn from one another.


  2. Jess
    14 January 2010, 10:29 pm

    I get on the scale more often than I should, though my goal is to get on once per month. I got that suggestion from an OA pamphlet, though I’m not sure which one. I’m not sure what I plan to do if I reach a healthy weight. I’ve decided the topmost end of the BMI scale is a good metric for now–mostly because I want to make sure I can get medical insurance with minimal grief from a medical insurance provider.


    love2eatinpa Reply:

    that’s a great goal, it certainly seems like you are well on your way to acheiving it too! once a month, to me, that seems like a lifetimein between weigh-ins! this morning makes three days and i’ve been totally fine. though we’ll see how i feel next week! lol!


  3. Sarah
    15 January 2010, 11:56 am

    I am so much happier without the scale! I don’t have to judge myself by what the scale says, but how I feel. I probably weigh myself every 6 months or so to keep in check.


    love2eatinpa Reply:

    hi sarah,
    thanks for bringing up a good point. i guess, sadly, we all judge ourselves by what the scale says. i’m not sure whether i’ll be able to make it six months or not, i’m just taking it one day at a time right now. thanks for the inspiration!


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