My Newly-Updated Abstinence Bracelet

love2eatinpa, 03 January 2010, 6 comments
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23 months of abstinence bracelet

2-year abstinence bracelet

While it doesn’t look like much, here is the bracelet that marks my abstinence – two lonely “year” beads. (It’s funny how it looks kind of pathetic compared to my 23-month bracelet, when in fact it is actually more significant. I guess this is one of those “less is more” times. 🙂 )

As each month (lord willing!) of abstinence passes, I will add a “month” bead to it. As silly as it may look, the bracelet is still a source of pride and strength for me, and I wear it every day. It is a tangible reminder of how far I’ve come and what I don’t want to lose.

So here is what I’ve decided to do to honor this occasion that I’ve worked so hard for — I’ve taken bits and pieces of what some of you have suggested. First, I’ve ordered from the OA website a 2-year recovery coin. I received, as you may have seen in my last blog, some beautiful red and white roses (my husband liked your suggestion of the red, Jess!) and I’ve set up a couple of spa services for myself this week (thanks, Maria!). I can’t wait to de-stress and be pampered, rare things in my life.

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  1. Jess
    04 January 2010, 10:19 am


    Two years abstinent is a fantastic achievement , especially when one can look back and remember when the task seemed impossible. Congratulations on chaining 730 days (plus three!), one day at a time.

    Those rewards for committing to abstinence sound excellent, and I can’t wait to see the OA coin when it comes in and hear about your spa day!


    love2eatinpa Reply:

    thank you! yes, it is definitely hard to believe that it has been two years. at the beginning, two days seemed impossible. i will definitely photograph my coin when it arrives and tell you about my spa day.


  2. shawn
    04 January 2010, 1:36 pm

    Congratulations! Glad you were able to revel in your accomlishment. It is well deserved.


    love2eatinpa Reply:

    thank you so much! you are coming up on one year yourself, so you should be feeling quite proud as well.


  3. Yum Yucky
    05 January 2010, 12:52 pm

    Congrats! A big woo-haa!

    And I love the idea of a bracelet to remind you of growing success.


    love2eatinpa Reply:

    thanks! the bracelet is kinda sad looking right now, but it’s still significant to me as i know what those two little beads stand for.


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