Holiday Party at our House

So on Sunday we are hosting a Chanukah dinner party.   This will be the 12th annual get together of a core group of friends (and their families) that my husband has known since childhood.  Some new, dear friends have entered into the fold of the party over the years, but the core families remain the same.  Each year a different family in the group opts to host and this year the party is at our house.


So while this is a wonderful and special occasion, I can’t help but be a little angst-ridden about it.  Everyone brings either an appetizer or dessert, which means my house will be full of tempting, delicious foods that are not normally in my home.  As hosts, we will provide the main course, including a salad.  So while I can typically pass on appetizers and do ok with my meal, the desserts are where I may get into trouble.  I’m not going to already say that I will get into trouble, all I know is that everyone always brings decadent desserts and well, you don’t have to be a genius to know that desserts + compulsive eater may = trouble.


This year, I will try to engage myself more with my guests instead of obsessing about the food.  My therapist recently gave me a strategy or two and I’m planning on trying to execute them for the first time (I hope I can remember them when I’m in host mode!).  At the same time, I plan on being kinder to myself and will take a baby step – I will try not to make the desserts the ‘forbidden fruit’.  I know they will be in my house, I will do my best to not make such a big deal about it in my head before and during, and I will do my best to make good choices.  It would be so nice if this could be a truly enjoyable time spent with friends, instead of a situation where the crux of the party is food-driven for me. 


What strategies have worked for you?  Please share them!

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  1. Jess
    11 December 2009, 5:37 pm

    Ooooh, Chanukah’s gonna be a toughie. I love latkes (potato pancakes). And I know what you’re talking about with getting broadsided with good holiday food.

    Well, today, I faced off with white chocolate macadamia chip cookies at the volunteer lunch. They are like kryptonite to me. I actually tensed up thinking about them. I got through it with my abstinence stuff.

    Um, the only thing I would suggest is having a computer on in a back room and when something arrives, you check the caloric value then take an amount related to that caloric value. Telling people you’re on a diet won’t offend them. Also, being hostess means you are supposed to wander around socializing more than eating. You could actually set yourself up a “prop plate” which has a little of everything on it that you walk around with. You don’t have to eat anything on it (Heck, you can cover it and put it in the fridge for later or someone else) while you walk the room.

    Also, have a big salad available. Four cups of lettuce or spinach is less than 25 calories. If you’re full of water and salad, you should be able to tablespooon-taste-menu the whole thing, depending on your food plan.

    Oh, and go looking online for that two-year bead. Get a really special one that will remind you of how far you’ve come and how much more you want one more day of abstinence than a few hours of bingeing.

    I’m rooting for you!


    love2eatinpa Reply:

    congrats on winning your face off with the cookies! that is quite an accomplishment. i know what you mean when you said you physically tense up just seeing them. i go through that quite often.

    i’m not concerned that my guests who bring stuff are going to be insulted if i don’t eat what they brought. thankfully, we are not that kind of crowd. everyone is too busy eating and talking that they are not going to notice what i’m (not) eating. i like the idea of a prop plate, but any food that i’m walking around with will not stay there for long, i will eat it : (

    i will definitely have a big salad available, with light dressings that i like. so that will be a good go-to for me. thanks for reinforcing that for me. and great idea about the 2 yr bead, thanks! i also should go on the OA website and start looking at the 2-yr coins as inspiration as well.

    thanks for rooting for me!!


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