Even My Fish are Compulsive Eaters!

love2eatinpa, 28 January 2010, 10 comments
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compulsive eating goldfish!

Warning! If you have just eaten or are squeamish about fish poop, you may not want to read this! 🙂

So yesterday afternoon I was sitting perched on the small flight of steps that lead from our kitchen into our den. We have our fish tank right at the bottom of the steps. I was eating my klondike slim-a-bear and watching the fish, a habit I started about a month ago to sort of pull myself away and watch something peaceful and relaxing as I eat.

I was enjoying my treat and thinking about how while I was out running an errand earlier in the day at a fabric store, I was suddenly very hungry, so I bought myself two small, but decadent pieces of chocolate that they had for sale near the counter. Yay, big treat for me after being sick and wanting to put some weight back that I lost due to the virus! (Although instead of adding them on to my calorie count to help put weight back on I worked it into my calorie day because it’s become foreign to me to just deliberately add calories. That is a whole other post to be written, but I digress…)

So I’m enjoying my slim-a-bear and reflecting happily about my earlier chocolate treat when I see the gold-colored goldfish slowly make his way over to the white-ish goldfish, who had a poop hanging out of his body. The gold one gets closer, then bites off a piece of the poop! I’m thinking, surely he will spit it out once he realizes that it is not food and in fact is poop. Nope, he chews it up and then goes back for more! He finished off the rest that was hanging out! Ewwwwwww!!!!!!

Even a fish in my house is a compulsive eater! Who else would eat some crap food and go back for more even if it didn’t taste good?!?!?!? And to think, silly me, I’ve been worried all this time about my kids picking up my eating disorder!

Only in my house. 🙂

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  1. Lisa
    28 January 2010, 7:14 pm

    Hilarious!!!!! You are too funny! Glad you’re feeling better-Lisa I am also doing quite well-


    love2eatinpa Reply:

    glad to hear you are doing well!


  2. Jill
    28 January 2010, 7:27 pm

    LOL that is so nasty! What crazy fish you have! 😀 (and yes I have just finished eating and am eating some peanut MandM’s right now)


    love2eatinpa Reply:

    i would have never believed it unless i saw it with my own eyes. in the past, they always spit out something that is not food. it was just so funny that i was watching at just that moment.


  3. Melissa
    29 January 2010, 9:54 am

    There is something to be said for comic relief, if only I didn’t have such a graphic mind!!!
    Keep up the great work gf!!!


    love2eatinpa Reply:

    lol! thanks!


  4. Michelle@Eatingjourney
    29 January 2010, 8:17 pm

    The smell of fish food…sick. Too funny.


    love2eatinpa Reply:

    lol! blech!!!


  5. Jess
    07 February 2010, 3:18 pm


    I have to confess I got to the warning and stopped reading, having a feeling what happened next.

    Just . . . blekky.

    And weirdly enough, it’s theoretically normal for them. Gross, but normal. Then again, fish aren’t known to be the cleverest critters in the animal kingdom.


    love2eatinpa Reply:

    lol! clearly not very clever, but hey, whatever works, right?


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