Eating Popcorn at a Comedy Club Follow-Up

love2eatinpa, 03 November 2009, No comments
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So to follow-up on my blog from a couple of weeks ago about my concern over how I was going to deal with eating the popcorn at the comedy club, here is what happened… 

I brought along my little plastic cup and was armed with the knowledge of the amount of calories per plastic cup.  I knew I could have up to five cups if I so desired.  So, giddy with anticipation of both the popcorn I would get to eat, and the fact that I had an acceptable plan in place, off we went.

Turns out that they no longer had baskets for the replenishing on the table, the new system was you had to pay a dollar a bag.  No problem!  Our table of six ordered two bags, being not quite sure what to expect.  So the waitress brought our drinks and the two bags.  Well, surely the calorie gods were smiling on me because there was actually a nutrition label on the bag.  This was my lucky night!  I did not have to bear any funny looks for using my little plastic cup and I knew exactly how many calories were in the bag.   I could not believe my luck!!

As I was sharing the bag with a girlfriend who was just nibbling, I knew that I could order another bag when this one was finished.  I relished being able to get a second bag, eat most of it, and still be within my allotted calorie limit.  So when our bag was almost empty and the waitress came by to see if we needed any more drinks, I asked if she would please bring us another bag of popcorn.  Her response was – we are out of popcorn. What?!?!?  How can that be? 

Needless to say, after all of the build up (from myself) I was very disappointed to not get the treat that I had totally planned for.  On the bright side, well, not at that moment but in hindsight, there was nothing else available to eat so I came in at a lower calorie count for the day.  That worked out well because the following night was Halloween and I went a little bit over my calorie allotment that night.  See, things always happen for a reason.  The man upstairs wanted me to have chocolate, not popcorn. : )

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