Books that Help with my Compulsive Eating

I thought I would change things up a bit and instead of writing about my daily struggles (and triumphs!), to instead talk about some books that I have read, and still refer to, that have been helpful as I try to wrap my arms around this crazy eating disorder.


Before I went to my first OA meeting and was trying to see what OA was all about, I bought the book “The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous.”  Reading this produced many “ah ha” moments for me.  Just the first few chapters of the book showed me that this eating disorder is something that I needed to take ownership of.  Oddly enough, this was reassuring in that I could finally put my food issues into their own compartment. (I am someone who needs to compartmentalize things in my head to help me digest them.)


Another great book that I read is simply called “Overeaters Anonymous” Second Edition.  It is a book of short stories written by fellow compulsive overeaters.  Though none of the stories are exactly my story, there are always some pieces of the story that either are me or really “speak” to me.  Somehow, there is something very reassuring in knowing that the crazy thoughts you have in your head, or crazy things you have done in regard to food have been thought/done by someone else.  It doesn’t help you stop compulsively eating, but there is just something comforting being able to relate to these other people, knowing that you are not alone.  You can also be inspired by have they have obtained abstinence.


I am in the middle of reading another book right now, one that was recommended to me by someone who responded to one of my blogs (thanks again, Lara!!!), called “Intuitive Eating,  a Revolutionary Program that Works”.  The book is mainly for those who have been on and off diets for many years.  It helps to give you a whole other mindset on how to view food and eating.  Though I’m not someone who has tried following any particular diet, I’m still finding the book to be very interesting and helpful.  Some of the chapters are titled – “honor your hunger”  “make peace with food”  and “cope with your emotions without using food” to name a few. 


I am grateful for any bits and pieces that I can refer back to in these books that I can use  to help aid me in my journey to recovery.

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