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love2eatinpa, 08 December 2009, 6 comments
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23 months binge-free

23 months binge-free

A therapist, who I started to see a little over two years ago when I first realized I had an eating disorder (and not just a sweet tooth for the past 30+ years), asked me what I or OA was doing to help mark the accomplishment of each day or week that goes by that I had been binge-free or abstinent. I read about coins on the OA website and asked my OA group about it.   They said that this particular meeting did not give out any coins.

With that being the case, my therapist said it could be helpful for me to come up with some kind of physical markers to keep track of how long I’d been abstinent. She said the markers would be good for two reasons:  1) it would be good for me to have something to look to for strength when I needed it and, 2) something to look at with pride to see what I’d accomplished.


So we brainstormed a bit and I came up with the idea of making myself a bracelet that I would add beads to mark my abstinence. So I went to a craft store and bought my materials – beads that I liked, black craft string for the bracelet, and some clasps. At first I added beads on to mark the days, then I graduated to putting on a bead for each week I was abstinent.

Over time, the weekly beads took up the entire length of the bracelet, so I decided to put on monthly beads instead. Eventually, that turned into a yearly bead plus months.

Right now I have one yearly bead and 11 monthly beads. On January 1, Lord help me, I will take off all 11 monthly beads and put on my second yearly bead. The bracelet will look a little naked, but it will be a thrilling moment.

I wear this bracelet every day, for casual or dress. It is a constant reminder, that is always on my wrist, of how far I’ve come and how much I don’t want to lose.


What are some ways that you have marked your achievements of abstinence?

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  1. Lara
    09 December 2009, 8:53 am

    That is a wonderful idea. I have been binge free for a little over a year now Not to say I haven’t over-ate at times but no actual binges or emotional overeating and throughout the year I periodically rewarded myself with non-food treats like spa services, piece of jewelry etc but I really like the idea of a bracelet that you add to over time. I might just copy that!


    love2eatinpa Reply:

    congrats on going a little over a year! i have had my slips here and there too, but no true binges. my therapist and i thought of spa services and jewelry as well (definitely good stuff!), but this bracelet gives me something to keep striving for. it is always great to add another bead. : )


  2. […] and congrats to OACharlie for making seven days of abstinence (So Awesome!), and I absolutely love love2eatinPA’s Binge Free Bracelet. What a beautiful beaded bracelet and a fabulous way to mark […]

  3. Jess
    09 December 2009, 3:09 pm

    I am sorry I didn’t leave a comment earlier, but I really do think your bracelet is a really wonderful idea. I think I will follow your lead. While I’m fortunate to be at a Chip Meeting, having something to remind me of my commitment to abstinence and how far I’ve come. It’s weird to go back and look at that first twenty-four hours . . . abstinence has become a habit I like a lot.


  4. […] dealing with sponsor-sponsee issues.       I’m still thinking about that bracelet love2eatinpa made to celebrate her abstinence milestones. I have some leather cord and pony beads–I should make myself one. […]

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    07 January 2010, 4:40 am

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