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Happy New Year!

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 31 December 2009 | No Comments
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Happy New Year, everyone! May 2010 be a good and healthy year for all of us. A year filled with awareness and good choices. And if we don’t always make good choices, as we are only human, we will not beat ourselves about it, but instead put it behind us and move forward. Let’s try […]

Update on My Daughter’s Weight Issue

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 30 December 2009 | 3 Comments
Categories: How my Eating Disorder Affects my Kids

I had my daughter back to the pediatrician for her 6-week follow-up check up. (Here are the last two posts about this in case you missed them or need a refresher: The Pediatrician Confirmed our Fears and My Daughter is Eating Better) I am thrilled to report that she gained 4 pounds!!! The doctor was […]

Reflections on Two Years of Abstinence

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 29 December 2009 | 5 Comments
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It feels pretty surreal to write this, but in three days, Jan 1, I will be two years binge-free. Two whole years. In addition, I will have maintained my weight loss for just about 15 months. Wow. It’s interesting that while there have been so many struggles and so many victories during this time, and […]

Dinner with Family

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 27 December 2009 | 6 Comments
Categories: Eating Out

We went to my sister-in-law’s house for dinner a couple of nights ago to hang out and exchange gifts between the kids. Chanukah had already ended, but this night happened to be the best night to get together. I had just got back from the therapist a few hours prior and had a bunch of […]

Great Therapy Session

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 26 December 2009 | 2 Comments
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I just saw my therapist the other day and had a really great session. While it frustrates me, as an A-type personality, that he doesn’t just come out and give me the black and white answers that I want, he always makes me dig deep into myself and really think about why I do things […]

I Walked into the Lion’s Den

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 24 December 2009 | 3 Comments
Categories: Holiday Eating

Every year at my kids’ elementary school, at december holiday time, each student always makes the obligatory gingerbread house in class, with the help of parents. Because I try to be involved with kids’ school activities, when it was my 2nd grader’s day (my daughter is in the middle school now) to make the gingerbread […]

Hypnotherapy for Compulsive Eating

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 22 December 2009 | 2 Comments
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Back in the spring, a dear friend told me about hypnotherapy. She told me that she knew of a woman who helped people to stop smoking and get over other addictions. Willing to do just about anything to help me with this eating disorder, I called the woman. Though she was retired, she was willing […]

Intuitive Eating

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 20 December 2009 | 7 Comments
Categories: Helpful Books

We were supposed to go to a family Chanukah party today, but due to the snowstorm, it was cancelled.  I was planning on blogging about how I made out out this party, which is notorious for having really delish desserts.  So with that plan being foiled, I have decided to write about this great book […]

Is There Really Something to “Letting Go”?

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 18 December 2009 | 2 Comments
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You know those sinfully decadent holiday cookies I wrote about a few weeks ago?   Holiday Cookies   Well my husband called me on the way home from work today saying that his office had a holiday party and that he was coming home with about a dozen of them.  I told him to please only bring a […]

Books that Help with my Compulsive Eating

Yazan: love2eatinpa | 16 December 2009 | No Comments
Categories: Helpful Books

I thought I would change things up a bit and instead of writing about my daily struggles (and triumphs!), to instead talk about some books that I have read, and still refer to, that have been helpful as I try to wrap my arms around this crazy eating disorder.   Before I went to my first […]

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